Lost Sailor Design

Stamped Leather Belt - Bicycle Day


1 1/2 inch belt. 2 snaps to release and change the buckle.  belts should be made one size larger than pant size, for example someone who wears 34 pants would get a 36 belt.  Size is based on center hole.  There are 3 holes larger and smaller on either side of center hole. Comes with standard utility buckle. sizes range from 26-42, please inquire on availability of other sizes.


Each piece is made by hand.  These pictures are past examples sold to happy customers. We would love to make something similar, or we can take elements of designs and colors from multiple pieces to create something new and original.  Please feel free to contact us if you need help making a custom piece!

A great place to see fresh examples of our work is www.instagram.com/lostsailorleather

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